Hikoki Aw130 Pressure Washer (Hitachi)

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  •  Variable nozzle (Direct injection/wide angle) adoption which can adjust pressure
  •  Washing of the wide range is possible by long pressure hose
  •  High-Pressure Hose Length : 10m
  •  Large pressure hose reel adoption with convenient storage
  •  Vertical type for easy storage
  •  Lightweight compact design for easy use
  •  Built-in thermal protector
  •  Rotary ON/OFF switch for convenient use
  •  With wheels and handle for easy movement
  •  With siphon function
  • Specifications

    Voltage (by areas) Single-phase AC 50/60Hz - 220V to 240V
    Power Input 2,000W
    Max. Discharge Pressure 11.0MPa (1MPa: 10.2 kgf/cm2)
    Max Permissible Pressure 15.0MPa
    Max Feed Pressure 0.7MPa
    Max Water Discharge 6.67L/min
    Permissible Temperature 40°C or less
    Dimensions (L x W x D) *1 425 x 345 x 905mm (16-3/4" x 13-5/8" x 35-5/8")
    Weight *2 12.4kg (27.3lbs.)


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