Groz G2 Grease Gun

Groz G2 Grease Gun



The Groz Lever Grease Gun Dual Piston is a high-output greasing solution for applications requiring voluminous and frequent greasing. Designed with a dual piston mechanism the gun delivers upto three times the output of grease per stroke compared to conventional grease guns.

With its dual piston mechanism, this grease gun reduces greasing time to one-third, allowing you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The dual inlet of grease ensures that the gun does not lose its prime and can easily be used in extreme cold weather conditions.

Designed for easy loading and priming, the Groz G200 Gun can be used with a 14oz (400gm)  grease cartridge or with 500cm3 bulk grease.

The gun comes with a 6”(150mm) rigid steel extension and coupler.

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