Ferm Planner 620w PPM1015|ferm

Ferm Planner 620w PPM1015


  • Brand Name : FERM
  • Power Source : Electric Corded
  • Planning Width : 82
  • No Load Speed : 16500 RPM
  • Accessories : Parallel guide - Dust bag - Wrench - Teeth belt
  • Material : 18/10 Steel


The Ferm PPM1015 620W Planer is an ultra-versatile power tool, perfect for home and professional carpentry.
This portable planer allows you to plane boards without the need for a fixed workshop. Featuring a rpm motor
and a maximum cutting depth of 2mm, the PPM1015 is perfect for tackling hardwoods such as oak, beech and ash.
The parallel guide system ensures accurate cuts every time, while the dust bag will collect waste material from the
surface of your workpiece during use. Ferm PPM1015 652W Planer
The power of the Ferm PPM1015 Professional Woodworking Planer is supplied by an electric motor that generates
The planer utilises a patented tension roller system for enhanced and uniform cutting action,
which also reduces excessive wear on the teeth belt. To ensure precise thickness adjustment,
each cutter head is equipped with a depth stop that can be adjusted while working.
This precision planer features a spacious 19 mm wide table and parallels guides on both sides to ensure accurate
planning. It is fitted with 18-10 steel rollers to provide greater stability and durability under heavy load conditions.

  • Dec 13, 2023
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