Addison hss machine reamer 5/8"

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Addison hss machine reamer 5/8"

Product Specification

Material HSS
Surface Finishing Polished
Packaging Type Box


Product Description

Reamer is a tool for enlarging holes and is used in metalworking. We are into the manufacturing of different kinds of reamerlike adjustable reamers, Tapping Reamers, Ridge Reamers, Judy Reamers etc. We are also a reputed hand reamers manufacturer. Our reamer’s usability in various machines for various applications like in lathe machine for turning, growing and threading have placed us among prominent machine reamers exporters from India.


  • Hand reamers are tools for manual reaming; they are typically equipped with a handle
  • Specifications conform to: IS 5444:2002 ISO 236/1:1976 BS 328 PART 4:1990 DIN 206:1976
  • Taper pin reamers are ground with a standard taper, most commonly 1/4" per foot, for fitting pins with the standard taper
  • Specifications Conform to: IS 5881:1989 ISO 3465:1975 BS 328 PART 4: 1990 DIN 9:1975
  • Bridge reamers are heavy-duty reamers used for construction, shipbuilding, and other heavy industrial applications. They are often used for alignment of holes for rivets or other structural fasteners
  • Specifications conform to: IS 5919:2002 ISO 2238:1972 BS 328 PART 4:1990
  • Chucking reamers are the most common reamer type, and are used for general-purpose reaming Chucking reamers typically come with a straight shank
  • Specifications Conform to: IS 5447:2002 ISO 521:1975 BS 328 parts 4:1990


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