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The glue gun is specifically designed for small, intricate adhesive work. Indeed, a glue gun can competently tackle a wide range of adhesive jobs, making this compact power too ideal for the bonding of ceramics, wood, plastics and glass. The FERM glue gun stands out thanks to its rapid heat system and led lighting, which ensures a clear view of the work piece, even in the dark. It also comes supplied with at least six glue sticks, in addition to one round and one flat nozzle. The FERM ggm1004 is an 75 watt electric glue gun that allows you to easily achieve neat glue results. After 3 to 5 minutes warm-up time, the glue gun is ready for stable and permanent bonding of wood, ceramics, plastics, leather, metal, floor coverings and much more. This glue gun is suitable for glue sticks with a diameter of 11. 2 Mm. The anti-drip control prevents dripping and ensures a clean working environment. Thanks to the adjustable table stand, you can put the glue gun down safely. The ggm1004 glue gun comes with 4 glue sticks so you can get started right away. If the glue sticks run out, it is easy to re-order the matching FERM gga1005.


  • Direct bonding after a few seconds
  • Adjustable table stand
  • No drop with anti-drip control system
  • Insulated nozzle
  • 1. 5M power cable


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